Shenzhen EFUNG Investment Management Enterprise L. P. is one of China's earliest institutions investing in professional biomedical industries. Our strong research team and great investment returns made us won 'The Most Pioneering VC Institution” 'The Most Dynamic Pharmaceutical VC Institution in China' and 'The Top Ten VC Institutions in Shenzhen'. With this influence, EFUNG has drawn a lot of attention from the medical and life science industry. And it is interviewed by Nature, which is the most authoritative science magazine in the world. Over a decade of years, we have been focusing on the medical and health industry, especially the VC and PE investment business of novel drugs and high-end medical devices. The mission of EFUNG is to drive the industrialization of medical researches by capital and to gain rich returns to investors.


EFUNG has deeply screened and invested in more than 20 domestic and international premium enterprises, such as Chipscreen Biosciences, Frontier Biotechnologies, Ascentage Pharma, Lifotronic, Aridis Pharmaceuticals, and Centrexion. We have taken many years in the business and raised the core concept of 'taking entrepreneurs as the center and value creators as the basis'. With this concept, we have built an experienced and featured professional investment team. EFUNG also persists in a systematic operation that integrates investment, financing, risk control, management, and service. We have the confidence to become a well-grounded, people-oriented and trustworthy investment institution.

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