Efung Capital is one of the earliest private equity investment institutions developing venture capital businesses specializing in healthcare industry investment. Efung is composed of a high-caliber management team and an experienced investment team consisting of MDs/PhDs who graduated from top universities all over the world. For years, Efung Capital has been consistently pursuing the long-term value of biopharmaceuticals and high-end medical devices, including over 80 investment companies globally, such as Chipscreen Bioscience, Frontier Biotech, Ascentage Pharma, Lifotronic Technology, OBiO Technology , ASIERIS MediTech, 3D Medicines and Harbour BioMed et al. 

We have demonstrated a solid track record and achieved strong revenue and earnings growth. Efung capital was recognized as“Zero2IPO Group2022 Best Healthcare Investment Institution TOP30, Zero2IPO Group 2022 Top 100 China Venture Capital Firms , China Venture2022 Top30 China Venture Capital Firms ,China Venture 2020 Best Healthcare Investment Institution TOP30,China Venture 2019 Best Exit Cases TOP10and The Most Dynamic Pharmaceutical VC Institutions in China.”. Additionally, it has been elected“Shenzhen TOP10 VC Institutions”for several consecutive years and once was theme covered by Nature magazine. 

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